Add To Cart: Best Stuff I Bought from Amazon

Amazon: because sometimes you are too tired and lazy for a Target run. But honestly, this is just a list of things I found on Amazon that have proved to be useful. Amazon changes prices literally daily so I would definitely use Honey to “watch” products and get alerts for when you can get the best deal. Honey is a free browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout for over 30,000 shopping sites. You can join with my link below (literally non spon but HMU honey):

Echo Look ($50 / varies)

Straight up, if you post a lot of OOTD pics or sell clothes (like on Depop) this is so so helpful. It connects to an app on your phone and you just say “Alexa, take a photo” and it counts down from 3 AND has a flash. I will include some pics mine took.


Issa vibe.

Pink Jade Roller with Vitamin C/E Serum ($10)

I have a bad habit of scrolling on my phone when watching Netflix, but now I make use of the time and jade roll. It is supposed to decrease puffiness but honestly idk it just feels nice and releases tension. The serum is also really nice and makes your skin glow. Even better if you leave it in the fridge overnight so it is nice and cooling.

Wallet Case for iPhone ($10)

Fits about 3 cards and a cute lil polaroid picture of your boyfriend (sup Pat). Also you can still stick a pop socket to it.

Heated / Vibrating Car Seat Cushion ($44)

This is a LIFE SAVER in a Midwest winter but also really nice if you take long drives.

Rope Hanging Wood Shelves for 2 ($24)

Kinda hard to hang but super cute.

Collapsible Kitchen Colander ($15)


Cavallini Papers ($25)

I love love love these as wall art. I have just the poster but I had to use the command strips so these allow you to keep them longer / move them.

Weighted Blanket ($69)

15 pounds is a lil too heavy, I would suggest like 5-7 but it is really nice for relaxation / can help with anxiety and insomnia.

Prints on Dictionary Page ($12)

Cute gift – there is a ton on Amazon.

16 Sheet Masks ($11)

Also good gift or to share!

Blue Light Block Glasses ($18)

Very good if you look at a computer screen a lot. They help by reducing eye strain and make your eyes less “tired”.

Crave Detangling Brush ($10)

A curly hair MUST.

Cute Blackout Curtains ($26)

Dead Sea Mud Mask ($12)

Good price and lasts forever. Has rave reviews.

Blind Spot Mirrors ($7)

I literally would not want to drive or parallel park without these.

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