to love growing pains

A lil story behind this one. I was in NYC staying in Nicole’s antique-road-show of a lovely room when I started writing this inspired by her energy and light. Me and Nicole have only actually met once but I have always felt a cosmic sort of connection to this soul sister (thanks Cody T for introducing us on Twitter). I stayed up and finished this a few days ago and was going to ask for her opinion on how to format it without telling her she inspired it. But then she woke up and responded to me and I had figured out how I wanted it to read. So I sent it and told her it was about her and I was absolutely nervous because that is a new vulnerable concept for me. Luckily, she loved it and by some sort of fate it was the day she was flying back to NYC and I didn’t even know? So on her flight she doodled art to go with the words just as I envision and here it is. Collab with your friends (as Nicole would yell). And don’t be afraid to share your art with the world and even the people it is about. Proud of you, Nicole. Keep glowing! (and not just from the Glossier)

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