Facebook Marketplace Vintage Haul

Once I knew that I was going to move, I decided to start my haunt for the 1950s decor of my dreams. My Facebook Marketplace tip is to be willing to drive – I usually keep my radius on 40-60 miles if I am looking for something specific. Once you find something you want – if it is farther away you can then look in say a 10 mile radius of that area and do more than one pickup while there to save some effort. I also usually share a location with a friend for safety when going to pickup. But so far I have had only good experiences and found some Mid Century Modern pieces I am in love with.

Formica Top Kitchen Table Set (Yellow) $250 and Retro Accent Chair $20

My. dream. table. These tables are very sturdy, easy to clean, colorful, and instantly transform a space. I could go on and on but I really recommend looking for a Formica if you want your space to be more of a soda pop shop / 50s feel. It’s a great place to start as far as collection and you can always clean it up and sell it off later. Many of them come with a leaf to sit 6.

Red Rotary Phone $30

This is definitely more for decoration, or photo shoots. These phones can be pricey so FB marketplace is a good way to go, plus you can always paint it!

photos by: Z (Chicago, IL)

Mustard Yellow Suede MCM Chair $25 and Vinyl Stand $20

This chair is is extremely good condition considering. I wanted an accent chair that was more for style than functionality so I can save money to invest in a couch. The vinyl stand is from Urban Outfitters and retails for $90!

Retro Kitchen Storage Containers $10

Definitely a little worn but these containers add a nice touch to a kitchen while keeping it organized. The KRAFT sprinkler is from Goodwill for $1!

Neon Light

Had to drive a while for this one – which actually belongs to my roommate Mo but she NEEDED it ok. Live music. That’s it.

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